Музыка брони-культуры

Броняши пишут музыку различных жанров, а отличается она как правило большей продолжительностью (треки от 4 до 8 минут) и замысловатым содержанием (создаётся от души, а не ставится как попса на конвеер ради прибыли).

У нас можно бесплатно послушать и скачать такую музыку. Для скачивания звучащей песни кликни по плееру правой кнопкой мыши и нажми "Сохранить". Для поиска жми Ctrl+F.

Спасибо ponemusic.net за предоставленный архив музыки (более 50'000 аудиофайлов).

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🔙 <Назад>
💽 Heroes Of Harmony
🎶 📥A Long Way From Equestria (Cover)
🎶 📥Aces High (Cover ft. CyrilTheWolf)
🎶 📥All About Eve (Cover)
🎶 📥Anthem Of Equestria
🎶 📥Avast Rockin'Brony's Ass
🎶 📥Avast Your Ass (Symphonic Metal Cover)
🎶 📥Balladshy (Re፡Make Cover)
🎶 📥Breaking All Illusions (Dream Theater Cover)
🎶 📥Castle Of Glass (Cover)
🎶 📥Cliffs Of Dover (Cover)
🎶 📥Comfortably Numb (Cover)
🎶 📥Crepuscularity (Re፡Make Cover)
🎶 📥Cry To The Moon
🎶 📥Die To Live (Cover)
🎶 📥Disappear (Dream Theater Cover)
🎶 📥Discord Metal Cover [Remaster]
🎶 📥Doctor Who Main Theme (Metal Cover)
🎶 📥Doctor Who Metal Cover
🎶 📥Doctor Who Metal Medley
🎶 📥Doomsday (Doctor Who Soundtrack) - Cover
🎶 📥Dystopian Overture (Cover)
🎶 📥Enter Sandman (Cover)
🎶 📥Equestrian Idiot
🎶 📥Far Beyond The Sun (Cover)
🎶 📥Fight For Equestria
🎶 📥Fight For Harmony [Remaster]
🎶 📥Fight For Harmony
🎶 📥Find The Music In You [Remaster]
🎶 📥First Flight
🎶 📥Flight of Your Dreams
🎶 📥For The New Lunar Republic (Metal) HD
🎶 📥For The New Lunar Republic (Symphonic Metal Cover)
🎶 📥For The New Lunar Republic Meets Metal
🎶 📥For The New Lunar Republic
🎶 📥For The Solar Empire [Re-Mastered]
🎶 📥For The Solar Empire
🎶 📥Friendship (Rockin'Brony Metal Cover)
🎶 📥Game Of Skyrim [Mashup Remaster]
🎶 📥Games Of Thrones Metal Mashup
🎶 📥Grace Kelly (Cover)
🎶 📥Halley's Comet (Original by 331Erock)
🎶 📥Halley's Comet by 331Erock - Cover (HD)
🎶 📥Halley's Comet by 331Erock - Cover
🎶 📥Halloween Metal Medley
🎶 📥Hay Ms. Derpy (Cover)
🎶 📥House Of Glass (Cover)
🎶 📥Hunter's Chance Metal Cover
🎶 📥I'll Fly Higher [Cover]
🎶 📥It's About Time! (Re፡Make Cover)
🎶 📥Join The Herd (Cover)
🎶 📥Kindness (AcoustiMandoBrony Cover)
🎶 📥La Couturière (Re፡Make Cover)
🎶 📥Land Of Equestria (Cover By Rockin'Brony)
🎶 📥Laughter (AcoustiMandoBrony Cover)
🎶 📥Le Pouding À l'Arsenic [French Cover]
🎶 📥Levels by Avicii - Metal Cover
🎶 📥Loyalty (AcoustiMandoBrony Cover)
🎶 📥Loyalty (Cover)
🎶 📥March Of The Pegasi
🎶 📥Medieval Metal Medley
🎶 📥Nightmare Moon (Soundgarden Parody)
🎶 📥Nothing Lasts Forever
🎶 📥Open Up Your Eyes (2018 Redux)
🎶 📥Open Up Your Eyes (Symphonic Metal Cover)
🎶 📥Open Your Eyes (Soft Rock Cover)
🎶 📥Open Your Eyes [Metal Cover]
🎶 📥Overture 1928 (Dream Theater Cover)
🎶 📥Rising End (Yngwie Malmsteen Linkin Park Mashup)
🎶 📥Rising Force (Ft CyrilTheWolf)
🎶 📥Running In The 90's (Metal Cover)
🎶 📥Song Of Storms Metal Cover
🎶 📥Spectrum (RD's Theme) Cover
🎶 📥Spectrum (Re፡Make Symphonic Metal Cover)
🎶 📥Stay (2019 Cover)
🎶 📥Stay (Cover)
🎶 📥The Answer Lies Within (Cover)
🎶 📥The Count Of Tuscany Part II (Cover)
🎶 📥The Hero (Cover ft. CyrilTheWolf)
🎶 📥The Loyalest and Most Dependable (Re፡Make Cover)
🎶 📥The Price Of Freedom (Cover)
🎶 📥The Rains Of Castamere (Metal Cover)
🎶 📥The Trooper (Cover ft. CyrilTheWolf)
🎶 📥The Walking Dead - Metal Cover
🎶 📥Theme Of The Royal Sisters (Re፡Make Cover)
🎶 📥This Day Aria Goes Metal ft. Caleb Hyles
🎶 📥This Is Gallifrey [Cover]
🎶 📥Time Is An Adventure (Cover ft. JennaBun)
🎶 📥University Of Canterlot
🎶 📥Vacant + Stream Of Consciousness (Cover)
🎶 📥We Are Number One - Symphonic Metal Cover
🎶 📥When I Come Around (Cover)
🎶 📥Whispering A Prayer (Cover)
🎶 📥Winter Wrap Up (Metal Cover)
🎶 📥Winter Wrap Up (Symphonic Metal Cover)
🎶 📥Wish You Were Here (Cover)
🎶 📥Wither (Dream Theater Cover)
🎶 📥Without You (Cover ft. GatoPaint)
🎶 📥X-Mas Metal Medley
🎶 📥You're In My Head Like A Catchy Song (MLP Cover)

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